8 Easy Ways to Improve Your Law Firm’s Blog

It’s easy to fall into the trap of neglecting your website’s blog after the burst of excitement during the initial setup fades. After all, with pressing client matters to attend to, blogging tends to fall toward the bottom of your priority list. However, an interesting blog that keeps your current and potential clients updated on your firm’s triumphs and breadth of services while providing a compelling forum for current legal issues can be an important cog in your marketing program. A lively, information-packed blog will give clients a reason to return to your website frequently and optimize your site’s search engine capabilities, thus propelling your articles and ideas across multiple social media platforms. Following are some six easy ways to keep your blog fresh and interesting:

  1. Publicize your firm’s most successful cases and appointments – Tell your audiences about your courtroom victories and significant case settlement awards. You can also promote your firm’s successes during arbitration. Write biographical articles about your new hires, informing readers of the experience and expertise these attorneys bring to your practice.
  2. Provide statistics and data regarding your practice area – If you are a personal injury firm, your audiences will be interested in data about automobile accidents, medical malpractice incidents, slips and falls and other relevant cases.
  3. Create content that discusses substantive legal issues – Keep your web visitors up-to-date on current legal issues in your primary practice areas. Articles about the impact of digital technology on the law, landmark cases in your practice areas and future trends are particularly compelling. Be sure to keep the writing style conversational and informative.
  4. Include case studies – If you provide brief, but detailed studies of your interesting cases, you will give your web visitors important insight into your firm’s philosophies, strategic management and ability to solve complex problems.
  5. Only use original content – All content on your site must be unique; in other words, it must not include text that appears on any other web sites. Search engines will overlook duplicate content.
  6. Make connections with your clients – It’s important to let your clients know about the breadth of services you provide. Include information such as the number of years you’ve been in practice and ways you can help a prospective client.
  7. Post blog entries regularly – Make a commitment to post a specific number of blog entries per week. Do not overextend yourself, because you will get burned out on the process if you don’t have adequate time to create content. Start with a reasonable number of blog entries per week. Even if you only have time for 3-5 posts per week, the key is to keep the material fresh and compelling.
  8. Inform your audience about special events, conferences and webinars. Keep your readers updated on conference, events and webinars involving your law firm, or where they may see and interact with you in the community. In addition providing regular posts, it’s a good idea to keep your clients informed about blog entries via email and social media such as Facebook. This gives them an incentive to visit your website.