A Commitment to Customer Success Through Leadership

Customer service lies at the heart of everything we do. As part of our continued commitment to enhancing the customer experience, we are pleased to profile two key leaders at Assembly Software, who are focused on serving our Needles customers through People, Technology, and Quality of Service. Let’s introduce them, and see how their roles will impact you.

Patrice Gimenez, Chief Customer Advocate

In a newly designed position, Patrice Gimenez, a veteran member of the TrialWorks leadership team now serves as Chief Customer Advocate. Having served in or supervised every non-attorney role in a law firm, before entering the legal technology industry 20 years ago, Patrice brings a wealth of legal and technology experience and a passion for understanding the needs of the customer. “As a dedicated customer advocate, I partner with all departments – Sales, Customer Support, Training, Finance, HR, and Product Development— to ensure that customer needs are not only represented, but prioritized, at the highest levels of company decision-making,” says Patrice. “I also work with our training and implementation teams and with our customers themselves, to make sure that customers are well-positioned to leverage the powerful tools that we provide.”

So how does Patrice spend her days in pursuit of those goals? Much of her day is spent speaking with customers— focusing on truly understanding their goals, challenges, and expectations. Patrice then distills the key insights from these personal interactions to identify essential product needs, training enhancements, or support accommodations. She then brings together leaders and team members across the organization to brainstorm and develop new solutions or responses to existing challenges. Overall, Patrice is the voice of the customer, and a constant reminder of where our priorities lie.

Charles Hogarth, Director of Customer Support

Joining the organization this past February, Charles (Chuck) Hogarth is no stranger to leading best-in-class customer support teams. As the Director of Customer Support, Chuck brings with him nearly 25 years of customer support, training, and operational expertise at some of the leading software companies in the US. Throughout his career, and already at Needles, he has been highly successful in ensuring that timely, efficient, and accurate resolutions are consistently provided to customers and that all unnecessary obstacles are removed. He is still in his early innings at Needles and we are excited for what he is building here.

Since joining, Chuck has refined our Customer Satisfaction Rating (CSAT) system – giving us more insight into areas where we are doing well, and where the customer experience may need more attention. We are pleased to share that our average CSAT rating for the past 60 days has been 4.84 on a scale of 1-5 (5 being highest). “Having insight into these key metrics is essential in our ability to understand how well we service our customers, where to make improvements and how to strive for excellence,” says Chuck. Other initiatives on the horizon are around product training, trend analysis, and developing additional self-serve content.

These two leaders reinforce a foundational value here at Needles: an unparalleled focus on customer service, which has been a hallmark of Needles for the past three decades. We are incredibly excited about what the future holds for our customers and the many ways in which we can serve you with excellence.

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