A New Frontier: Needles’ Web-Based Solution Now Available!

Welcome to an exciting new chapter in legal case management! Needles’ new, web-based software, Needles Neos, is now in general release! This fully modernized solution combines Needles’ most trusted and powerful features with comprehensive document management, real-time reporting and analytics and many new enhancements in one highly intuitive system.

To ensure our latest innovation is ready to power thousands of firms each day, dozens of users have been testing the product for the past several months for performance, functionality, and user experience. We have successfully completed our key milestones, and now, Needles Neos is available and is being rolled out to new firms every day! This innovative, new solution was built leveraging decades of legal intelligence. Here are just some of the ways Needles Neos will add more value for our customers:

  • Newly designed interface – Our new interface complements the existing Needles experience but takes it a step further with new, more intuitive and user-friendly workflows, navigation and graphics
  • Automation – Our new platform is designed to support new features to automate many of the most time-consuming aspects of managing cases today
  • Enhanced features – Building on our existing foundation, we now have global search and OCR, advanced document management and collaboration using Microsoft OneDrive®, enhanced Microsoft Outlook® integration, real-time dashboards, subscription reporting and more
    • Coming soon – Full-featured web intake and client portal
  • Seamless upgrades – Upgrades are delivered frequently and quickly with no effort required from users
  • Anytime access – A fully web-based platform means users have anytime, anywhere access—from any device
  • Reduced IT costs – There is no need for costly IT investments using our web-based platform
  • Security – Backed by the security of Microsoft Azure®, our solution ensures trusted data storage, backups and 99.9% uptime reliability

Sign up for a webinar here to learn more about how Needles Neos can power your firm!

To ensure a simple and smooth migration to our web-based solution, we have also augmented our existing teams and processes with some new, exciting resources. These include:

  • Automated tools to efficiently bring your valuable data up into the cloud
  • Streamlined migration allowing firms to complete the migration process in as little as one week
  • A new, web-based training series for both administrative and daily users, which we run several times each week — Sign up here for training
  • A new Customer Success organization committed to ensuring you have a successful transition to our new solution and continue to get maximum value over time
  • A new, online knowledge base, which will allow users to access how-to articles directly from the Help menu within the application
  • Dedicated customer support technicians to address any and all questions related to our new solution

Needles Neos is revolutionizing the way firms solve many of their most complex case management challenges. We have seamlessly implemented several firms over the past few weeks and will continue to bring on many more users.

To learn more about Needles Neos, check out our press release here or visit needlesneos.com.

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