About Us

Needles started in 1982 as a data processing service engaged in professional time sharing. In 1985, we were approached by a group of personal injury attorneys in need of software to help them run their fast-growing firm more efficiently. To our, and their, advantage, we had on staff an extremely capable software designer (with a law degree!). Because of this unique set of circumstances, we decided to start designing and writing the programs necessary to create easy-to-use Case Management Software specifically designed to meet the needs of personal injury law offices. The end result was PINS (Personal Injury Negligence System), the DOS version of our software.

By the time we moved to a Windows platform in 1995, PINS had developed a national reputation as the premier case management solution for personal injury lawyers with hundreds of satisfied client firms. The Windows platform allowed our software, now known as Needles, to become so customizable that it is now able to service any practice area.

Since the company’s inception, we’ve upgraded our program more than 30 times, shipped the system to more than 2,000 law firms and acquired a loyal, dedicated and knowledgeable client base.

In November 2008, the Needles company changed ownership. The company mission remains the same, and the unparalleled level of support, service and training that our customers have come to expect will remain. The change in ownership signifies a look to the future of the company: a future of youth, vision and drive.

Much of the company’s growth can be directly linked to improvements and updates suggested by our 31,000+ users. Our research and development focuses largely on the hundreds of client case management software “Wish List” items we receive each year. Our client UserGroup meetings and the professionals who use our software have shaped the past 30+ major upgrades since the program was first released.

In fact, we are so confident in Needles, we have used it to run our own company for many years!