Artificial Intelligence and Legal Practice

Will AI Software take Jobs away from Attorneys?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has recently become one of the sexier buzzwords in the tech savvy legal community. With the introduction of intuitive AI software programs specifically designed to assist law firms in their delivery of services, artificial intelligence has become one of the latest examples of how technology can radically transform the way lawyers conduct business. In fact, some attorneys worry that eventually AI will create an entire class of digital robots that will take jobs away from lawyers and support staff. Currently, AI software is being used by some law firms to tackle routine functions that would normally fall into the hands of freshly minted law school graduates. However, will a time come when even attorneys find their livelihood being threatened by robots who are less expensive and easier to manage than human beings?

“Technology has already produced a new class of support professionals that work with lawyers — just as techs work with doctors in healthcare delivery. Lawyers, like physicians and other professionals supported by technology, will be freed to leverage their time and expertise to interpret data, render professional judgment, and perform functions that require their professional training,” writes legal technology expert Mark A. Cohen in a September 6, 2016 article in (How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform the Delivery of Legal Services.”),

According to Cohen, robots are not going to replace lawyers, but will work with them. Consequently, if you fear that technology is going to impair your ability to practice your livelihood as an attorney, it’s likely that your fears are unwarranted. However, today’s lawyers will find themselves working together with artificial intelligence to streamline legal practice and make their jobs easier.


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