Needles and TrialWorks Merger: Frequently Asked Questions

Following our recent announcement about our merger with TrialWorks, we have received many client inquiries and thought it might be helpful to create a Frequently Asked Questions blog to clear up any confusion.  We encourage you to reach out to our team with any further questions or concerns.  We are very excited about the future […]

Needles Announces a Partnership

Ridge Road Capital Partners and its principals, Adam Jiwan and Michael Mager, have today completed the merger of TrialWorks and Needles, two of the most successful and trusted brands in the legal software industry. These two companies have a combined 55 years of operating history and over 2,500 law firm clients. The combination of TrialWorks […]

Confessions of a Tech-Fearing Solo Practitioner

The following account was gleaned from an interview with the founder of a family run law practice in Eastern Washington: The Cascade Mountains divide eastern and western Washington. The two regions are as different as night and day in demographics, the lay and look of the land, climate, and politics. The King of the western […]

Employee Mobile Device Use Poses Challenges for E-Discovery

Employees who use their own mobile devices to conduct company business muddy the waters of e-discovery, according to recent articles in Legal Tech News and Law 360. Surveys indicate that as many as 90% of all U.S. employees use personal mobile devices such as tablets, laptops, cellphones, and digital readers when conducting office business. As […]

Believe It or Not: Many Practitioners Don’t Use Case Management Software

Leaping into the 21st Century Recently, a solo practitioner said (with some reluctance) that he’s ready to enter the 21st Century by using legal case management software.  This thriving lawyer uses the Internet, Lexis-Nexus and Westlaw, Outlook, email, and rudimentary time tracking and billing software to handle the nuts and bolts of his practice. He knows […]

Emotions Can Be Analyzed Digitally When Jury Selection Meets Technology

Facial recognition software is making a big splash in the scientific jury selection business, but its effectiveness remains in question.  According to LegalTech News (April 17, 2017), jury selection consultant Jury Lab has begun using emotional facial recognition technology to assist lawyers in the selection of jurors.  Firms such as Jury Lab take psychological clues […]

Preparing your Firm to Defend Itself Against Cyber Attacks

A leading cybersecurity firm estimates that 80 out of the top 100 U.S law firms have been hacked since 2011. In some cases, the hacking has affected millions of confidential documents. Unfortunately, many law firms are unprepared to combat cyberattacks. In fact, according to a 2016 survey conducted by the American Bar Association (ABA), only […]

Artificial Intelligence – How it’s changing the Legal Profession

Artificial Intelligence (AI) might seem like it’s something out of a Sci-Fi movie, but the futuristic technology has already had a transformative impact on many industries, including the legal profession. Also referred to as cognitive computing, AI was making its early inroads into the legal business two decades ago when law firms began using personal […]

Why Clients Sometimes Opt Out of a Legal Case Management Software Suite

Even the most customizable, intuitive legal case management program takes time and patience to master – it’s called a learning curve. Unfortunately, feeling the burden of managing a busy legal practice, some firms abandon a solid case management program before they’ve had a chance to master it. We’ve earned industry-wide plaudits for the breadth and […]

New FAA Regulations Govern the Burgeoning Practice of Drone Law

Look… Up in the Sky! Impossible to imagine a decade ago, many major law firms staff attorneys – even whole departments –  are devoted to robotics law with the primary on drones. As one can imagine, the practice of drone law is constantly changing. In fact, in the late summer of 2016 the Federal Aviation […]

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