Creating a Client Web Portal with Case Management Software

A smart way to keep communication flowing between your law firm and your clients is to create a client web portal you can use to share a myriad of password & encryption-protected information. Web portals are commonly used by medical practices to provide access to medical records, appointment information and new developments within the practice […]

8 Easy Ways to Improve Your Law Firm’s Blog

It’s easy to fall into the trap of neglecting your website’s blog after the burst of excitement during the initial setup fades. After all, with pressing client matters to attend to, blogging tends to fall toward the bottom of your priority list. However, an interesting blog that keeps your current and potential clients updated on […]

Why You Need a Solid Tracking Component in your Case Management Software

The complexities inherent in managing a law practice – regardless of its size — make it imperative that your firm has a solid tracking component built into your legal case management software program. This built-in to-do list will help you sort out the intricate and unique facets of each case. The tracking feature will systemize […]

Developing an Emergency Response Plan for your Law Firm

It’s no secret that powerhouse hurricanes like Irma dominate the headlines, but according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), a natural disaster occurs in the U.S. once a week.  Further, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, most businesses, which include legal practices, do not have a disaster response plan and go belly up […]

Needles and TrialWorks Merger: Frequently Asked Questions

Following our recent announcement about our merger with TrialWorks, we have received many client inquiries and thought it might be helpful to create a Frequently Asked Questions blog to clear up any confusion.  We encourage you to reach out to our team with any further questions or concerns.  We are very excited about the future […]

In-House or Third Party Vendor? What’s Best for Cloud Storage

In-House or Third Party Vendor? What’s Best for Your Cloud Storage Many law firms vigorously debate the pros & cons between maintaining an in-house cloud data storage system or contracting these services out to a third-party vendor. The primary issue, of course, is security. Which system will keep your data safe from cyber-crooks and malicious […]

Client Services and the Digital Evolution: Do We Need to Step it Up?

As digital technology influences nearly every aspect of our legal practices, we must concede that new challenges exist that create new problems, especially in how we serve our clients. We have evolved from an industry based on one-on-one communications to an environment where attorneys can handle cases without ever meeting their clients. Is something personal […]

Needles Announces a Partnership

Ridge Road Capital Partners and its principals, Adam Jiwan and Michael Mager, have today completed the merger of TrialWorks and Needles, two of the most successful and trusted brands in the legal software industry. These two companies have a combined 55 years of operating history and over 2,500 law firm clients. The combination of TrialWorks […]

Legal Intake Professionals Partner Spotlight

Legal Intake Professionals®, or LIP®, is a legal support service established in January 2000 to help lawyers tap into the huge market of after-hours clients. Legal Intake Professionals® recently interviewed Needles Case Management Software’s Vice President, Mary Ellen Bellusci. This interview can be read below: — User-friendly and customizable, Needles Legal Case Management Software serves […]

Confessions of a Tech-Fearing Solo Practitioner

The following account was gleaned from an interview with the founder of a family run law practice in Eastern Washington: The Cascade Mountains divide eastern and western Washington. The two regions are as different as night and day in demographics, the lay and look of the land, climate, and politics. The King of the western […]

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