American Association for Justice Event Recap and Upcoming Events

We were happy to meet with many of you at the American Association for Justice (AAJ) 2020 Winter Convention in New Orleans! Plaintiff attorneys and their staff gathered at this important event to network and discuss topics ranging from medical negligence to anti-human trafficking litigation to pesticides litigation. If you missed us, Needles held demos

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Message from the COO: Focusing on Product Superiority

Welcome to the second edition of Needles NOW. As we near the end of 2019, we are entering the most exciting time in our company’s history. We are rapidly approaching the launch of the most powerful web-based case management platform on the market today. Our all-new solution possesses the powerful

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Now in Beta! Needles Web-based Case Management Solution.

It’s official! We have entered the beta period for our new web-based case management platform. This is a truly momentous occasion as it marks a critical transition from completion of a release candidate to getting a fully functional product into our customer’s hands. As of October, we have begun to

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Explore One of Our Hottest, New Web-Based Features

Over the course of the next several editions of Needles NOW, we’ll highlight the most exciting features and integrations in our new web-based case management platform. As the first installment in this series of articles, we’ll share our advanced Document Management capability that comes fully integrated within our web-based solution.

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Hosting Customers – Cybersecurity Incident

A few weeks ago, a very small percentage of customers whose IT infrastructure we host, were unable to access their hosted environment due to a ransomware incident. This primarily impacted TrialWorks hosted customers and less than 1% of Needles customers. The attack did not affect our software in any way.

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Welcome to NEEDLES NOW

Hello, and thank you for taking a few moments to read our newsletter, NEEDLES NOW. We are excited to launch this newsletter, with a mission of keeping our customers well-informed of important product developments, personnel updates, feature upgrades, and other valuable information. A lot of big things are happening at

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Exciting Product Updates Ahead!

Needles Web-based Solution Headed to Beta Sign up for a DEMO today! Since 2017, we have been working intensely on a new, cutting-edge version of our software. This new version of Needles is entirely web and browser-based. It includes all of the features and functionality that you expect in Needles, plus many more significant enhancements

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A Commitment to Customer Success Through Leadership

Customer service lies at the heart of everything we do. As part of our continued commitment to enhancing the customer experience, we are pleased to profile two key leaders at Assembly Software who are focused on serving our Needles customers through People, Technology, and Quality of Service. Let’s introduce them,

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Trainer’s Tips: 3 Most Recent Needles FAQs

Our support and training teams are interacting with Needles customers each day and are intimately familiar with the most commonly asked questions. With this in mind, we polled the group and identified three of the most frequently requested items over the past several weeks. Check out the information below, and

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