Tech Trends – Lawyers’ Mindset

Podcast: The Future of Legal Technology Depends on Lawyers’ Mindset “The real possibility for change in the future sits more with the mindset,” says Randi Mayes, the executive director of the International Legal Technology Association. “It’s all about the law firm adopting its client’s worldview and innovating service delivery with

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The Most Important Feature in any Legal Case Management Program

Customer Service Even if it has all the latest bells and whistles, your legal case management software program will come up short if it doesn’t provide top-notch customer service. Even the most intuitive case management software program can present challenges, especially during the initial phases of implementation. Additionally, if your

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Simplifying Legal Cost Tracking

Keeping on top of legal case costs can be a headache for your bookkeeping team, especially if your law firm does not have an adequate case management software program. The most advanced legal case management software programs have built-in systems that allow you to track all of the costs and

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Artificial Intelligence and Legal Practice

Will AI Software take Jobs away from Attorneys? Artificial Intelligence (AI) has recently become one of the sexier buzzwords in the tech savvy legal community. With the introduction of intuitive AI software programs specifically designed to assist law firms in their delivery of services, artificial intelligence has become one of

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A Lawyer’s Ethical Responsibility to be Tech Savvy

It’s obvious that law firms derive a competitive benefit from being up to date with the latest trends in digital technology. However, what’s not so obvious is the idea that tech savvy attorneys are fulfilling an ethical duty to their clients. In an October 6, 2016 article of, writer

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Tax Benefits to Consider

Tax Benefits of Improving your Case Management System before the End of the Year If you’ve been considering upgrading your legal case management system, now is a great time to make the change. That’s because the U.S. tax code considers legal case management systems to be capital improvements. Besides providing a

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Cybersecurity Update

Beware of Ransomware Law firms, among other businesses, have been plagued lately by malware known as ransomware. Once ransomware infects a system, a user is denied access until a ransom is paid. According to Legaltech News, there are two primary types of ransomware. One locks a computer system or mobile

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Change is Not Always a Good Thing

Like most industries these days, the landscape of case management software is continuously changing. Since moving from handwritten client files to computers and beyond, the way attorneys practice law is constantly evolving. The legal market is flooded with a wide array of options: web-based, hosted, server-based, SAAS, PC, MAC, contingency

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The Challenges of Data Collection

How What’s Happening in Latin America Influences American Law Firms The Daily Business Review, a South Florida-based source of legal and business news has published on September 6, 2016 an article written by reporter Monica Gonzalez Mason that explores the challenges faced by law firms in Latin America. Mason writes:

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