Why Clients Sometimes Opt Out of a Legal Case Management Software Suite

Even the most customizable, intuitive legal case management program takes time and patience to master – it’s called a learning curve. Unfortunately, feeling the burden of managing a busy legal practice, some firms abandon a solid case management program before they’ve had a chance to master it.

We’ve earned industry-wide plaudits for the breadth and customizability of our Needles legal case management program, while providing groundbreaking client service with our legendary support. Nevertheless, we’ve let some clients fall through the cracks for various reasons, some of which are due to challenges that all our competitors also face.

At Needles, we strive to meet those challenges by constantly refining our client training and service initiatives. Based on feedback from our former and current clients, following are the three most common reasons clients have difficulty with our software:

Challenge: Problems adopting the software to meet the specific client needs. If your staff doesn’t realize the software will allow them to work more efficiently and with less problems, they will have difficulty learning how to use it.

Solution: Take advantage of Needles’ industry-leading client support. A live support representative is just a phone call, and we never use scripts.

Challenge: Difficulties with the software.

Solution: Although we do our best to minimize software glitches, technological hiccups occasionally occur with any program. At Needles, we act immediately to resolve any problems you have. Consequently, it’s imperative that you contact us right away when you encounter difficulties. We are here to assist you.

Challenge: Insufficient training.

Solution: Legal case management software can be difficult to master. Needles has developed an implementation/training curriculum and ongoing support to walk your firm through each step of adopting a case management program. Each new Needles client must undergo initial training and implementation with a Certified Needles Consultant and Trainer. We offer a comprehensive initial training that includes the customization of the program to meet the specific needs of your firm. This training can be accomplished on-site training at your firm, through web-based educational program or training in the corporate headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland. We also offer ongoing training and database maintenance any law firm that adds new hires or needs a refresher course on the finer points of the Needles program.

The Needles Difference
Because the Needles platform was created by software developers with extensive legal backgrounds, we understand the unique needs of its clients. Thus, Needles, Inc. has designed a flexible, easily customized program to make implementation as seamless as possible. Get a free trial or request a guided tour of the program today, so you can see how Needles will transform the way your law firm does business.