Convert your data to Needles Neos —

Every case generates a huge amount of data, and converting all of those files to a new system is justifiably intimidating. Fear not. Our specialists consider every aspect of your legacy system, ensuring your data transitions smoothly and without incident.

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Up and running fast

Needles data conversions are as efficient as they are comprehensive, so your firm is up and running on your new platform with minimal downtime.

Place your data in trusted hands

Our experienced team of data conversion specialists have executed hundreds of successful data conversions. Rigorous end-user testing ensures implementation to your exact specifications.


Keep sight of your files

We ensure your critical files migrate seamlessly no matter your legacy system, giving you peace of mind knowing nothing is lost and allowing you to hit the ground running at the same time.

The way you work

Needles configures to the way your firm works, even during data conversion, making certain you always have access to the files you currently use and need.


Our data specialists will help you upgrade your case management software without disrupting your day-to-day workflow. Gain the Needles advantage.

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