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Our open API environment and growing partner integration network let you run your law practice more efficiently by automating more processes in a single system.



Featured Integration Partners



Add and configure actions and integrations (Zaps) without leaving Neos. Enable users to map source and marketing fields to track where the case intakes are coming from and how leads are generated. Integrate intakes with 3,000+ apps — no code required.


Push your client data from Neos into Scorpion’s digital marketing platform, enabling visibility into marketing and client insights.

American Retrieval Company

Initiate your digital medical record retrieval straight from Neos using American Retrieval Company (ARC). Access a full suite of text search and editing tools using OCR technology. Fully HIPAA-compliant running on secure servers.

Additional Integrations

Microsoft® Office 365

Gain the flexibility to work from anywhere in a secure, reliable environment. Generate, save, and share documents, manage Outlook email and calendars, and more.

Microsoft® OneDrive

Allow multiple users to edit the same file, save changes, and work offline — then sync files once you’re back online.

Microsoft® SharePoint

Access the SharePoint document management and storage system features directly within the Neos application. SharePoint is compatible with Microsoft Office products.

QuickBooks® Desktop

Reduce duplication of efforts for billing and invoicing, leveraging the comprehensive functionality of QuickBooks®.


Send, sign, and approve paperless documents, improving collaboration among staff members and clients.

Lexitas – Automated Records Collection

Automate the request and receipt of medical records, eliminating time-consuming data entry and enabling you to prepare more demands faster.


Communicate with your clients from anywhere in Neos. RingCentral integration matches your contacts’ phone numbers with the associated case when they call you.

**Copitrak, Equitrac (Cost-Recovery)

Interface with your existing cost-recovery solution to track and recover all costs associated with the document lifecycle.


*Free until May 2022, then $200 per month (per firm). Requires a RingCentral subscription.
**$200 per month (per firm). Requires a Copitrack or Equitrac subscription.

“My phone rings all day long, nonstop. The seamless integration between Neos and Office 365 makes it possible for us to efficiently and quickly sign up new clients.”David Cohen