Hurricane Florence & Disaster Preparedness

Hurricane Florence is currently bearing down on the East Coast. On its projected track, it is posing a severe threat to the Carolinas and Virginia, with possible effects and flooding in Tennessee, Georgia, West Virginia, Ohio, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. As a business in an area predicted to be affected, you are no doubt taking emergency precautions to ensure that all employees are safe.

As you are preparing for the impending storm, please also give thought to protecting the valuable data stored within your Needles program. We know things can get chaotic, but taking personal responsibility for ensuring a good back up is crucial. The first step is making sure that all of the critical data and files on your computers and servers are properly backed up. Make sure you are maintaining multiple backups in an online cloud service, or on external hard drives (or other media) and taking them offsite regularly. Please review your backup procedures with your IT consultants to ensure your data is being backed up and is readily available should you need to restore.

When backing up the Needles database, make sure you are using the Needles Backup Coordinator – instructions can be found here: Needles Backup Instructions. Since the Needles Backup Coordinator will overwrite the previous Needles backup each day, verify that the backed-up copy of your database is included in your network backup process.

For our customers using Needles in our hybrid cloud hosting environment, your data is, as usual, being backed up in multiple locations, with versioning, so you can rest assured your data will be safe in any circumstance.

Please contact Needles Technical Support at 410-363-1976 if you have any questions regarding Needles or the Needles Backup Coordinator.

Please be safe.

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