Change is Not Always a Good Thing


Like most industries these days, the landscape of case management software is continuously changing. Since moving from handwritten client files to computers and beyond, the way attorneys practice law is constantly evolving. The legal market is flooded with a wide array of options: web-based, hosted, server-based, SAAS, PC, MAC, contingency basis, billable hour basis, ad nauseaum.  It is a proverbial smorgasbord of products at an attorney’s finger tips. The question is: which one is actually right for you?  And even once you make your choice, can you count on the company behind that program?  Lately, it seems like software companies (especially in legal) are bought, repackaged, and sold repeatedly; and often the actual users are the last priority in each exchange.

If you’re feeling unsettled by recent changes to your current case management system or the company behind it, you need to ask yourself two meaningful questions:

  1. Are the key features that made me purchase this product still functional and benefiting my practice?
  2. If I need help with my case management software, is there still a knowledgeable team ready and willing to provide assistance?

If the answer to either of these questions is no, it’s time to rethink your case management software.

Needles has been a constant in the legal industry for over 30 years. In that time, we’ve changed operating systems, added hundreds of improvements and new features, and added dozens of new case types to our library. But what we haven’t changed is who we are: a stable, experienced, helpful, and passionate software company with clients as our top priority.  We are not a faceless corporation, we are your partner.  We are here to help you work hard, play hard, be in control, grow, and succeed.

To learn more about the vast array of features in our Needles program, take a tour on our website.

If you’re ready to try Needles now and see what you’ve been missing, request a free trial package today.

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