Trainer’s Tips: 3 Most Recent Needles FAQs


Our support and training teams are interacting with Needles customers each day and are intimately familiar with the most commonly asked questions. With this in mind, we polled the group and identified three of the most frequently requested items over the past several weeks. Check out the information below, and see if you’ve had any similar questions!

1. What’s the best way to generate form Letters, Pleadings, and PDF’s from Needles?

In most instances, the documents you send for each case are always the same (i.e., letters of representation, request for records, letters to the clerk, or opposing counsel). The only thing that changes is the information specific to each case. Needles can save your firm a lot of time, and resources, helping you to avoid mistakes by generating documents for you.

If you are currently not taking advantage of this feature and would like to learn more, please email

2. Did you know you can receive Needles messages as an email?

You can receive important messages about a client without having to be in the office or logged into Needles. Each staff member can set their own Needles preferences. Set message preferences within Needles in two steps!

  1. In Needles 4x, go to Directory>Staff, highlight your name, and then select Preferences. On the General tab, you will see a section called Needles Messages. You can elect to receive messages as an email when you are logged in or logged out of Needles. All you have to do is enter your email address. We recommend that you Retain Message in Needles.

2. In Needles 5x, go to Directory>Staff>Needles Messages and follow the same instructions listed for Needles 4x.

3. What’s the easiest way to post emails to Needles?

When using Outlook for emails, you can use the Needles Add-in to post an email in its entirety as a note in the corresponding case.  When you copy and paste an email, you lose the important information at the top of an email, including the From, To, Date and Subject.  Attachments to an email can also be posted to the case, either via the Docs tab or by saving to the client folder.

Depending on the version of Needles you’re using, you will either see a ribbon at the top of an email that says Needles or Add-in if the Add-in is loaded.  If the Add-in does not appear to be loaded, please email for assistance.

Stay tuned for more from the Training and Support teams – we’ll cover the freshest and most relevant topics to ensure your firm gets the most from Needles!

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