Now in Beta! Needles Web-based Case Management Solution.


It’s official! We have entered the beta period for our new web-based case management platform. This is a truly momentous occasion as it marks a critical transition from completion of a release candidate to getting a fully functional product into our customer’s hands. As of October, we have begun to actively bring a set of enthusiastic Needles customers onto our new solution to use the system.

This vital process allows us to:

  • Gain real customer insights into production usage prior to market release
  • Make final enhancements to functionality and user interface
  • Identify and resolve critical bugs before the full release

What is the beta program?

The Beta process helps ensure that our new product, with all of its exciting new features, possesses the stability and dependability that you rely on with Needles to run your firm today. This process is being conducted over three phases and is led by our Chief Technology Officer, Jim Garrett, along with input from various members of our executive and product teams. During each phase, product stability, system performance and speed, scalability, functional design, and operational readiness are all validated. With each subsequent phase, additional firms are added to the Beta and more complex use cases are tested:

Where are we today?

We are currently in Phase 1 of Beta with multiple firms operating in the software. As mentioned in the welcome, the feedback to date has been tremendous.

We will continue to carefully track the results of the beta process to ensure a successful launch for the many firms that have expressed interest in our new web-based solution. Stay tuned as we continue to ramp up – and if you would like to learn more, sign up for an upcoming webinar, December 5th at 11 am ET. We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate all of the excitement and enthusiasm around our new web-based solution.

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