Trainer’s Tips: 5 Steps to Create Mailing Labels for Holiday Cards with Needles


Did you know you can print mailing labels directly from Needles?

The holidays are just around the corner, and now is a great time to send out holiday greetings to your clients. Use this Needles feature to help you save time and get your cards ready for the holidays. Below are a few simple steps that you can take to print mailing labels from Needles 5.

1.  Go to the Reports ribbon at the top and select Report Library

2. Click in the filter row and type the word “Mail”. Double-click the mailing label list you wish to print

3. Select filter options on the left, such as Our Client. Deselect the Include Deceased and/or Include Minors, Mailing List select Holiday Card

Note: Deselecting these options will exclude Deceased and/or Minor parties from the mailing list.

4. Select Submit at the bottom of the Parameters list;

5. Once the labels appear, select Print in the Preview Ribbon above;

Note: We recommend you print a test page on a plain sheet of paper and lay over a sheet of labels to confirm the layout.

Margins can be adjusted by moving the top and left margins using the double-arrow cursor.

Important! If you are using Needles 4.x, the instructions for generating mailing labels are slightly different.

These can be found in Needles Manual in Section 6: Reports > Chapter 2: Standard Reports > 2.7 Mailing Labels.  The Needles manual is found by going to Help > Needles Help within the Needles program.

If you would like further assistance running mailing labels from Needles, please email

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