What's New:

Needles Neos

February 22, 2021

We have added some exciting new enhancements to security, document management workflows, and integrations with QuickBooks and Office 365.

New version of the QuickBooks integrator

We continue to enhance the QuickBooks Integrator to provide a feature rich integration with an easy-to-use interface.

With the new QuickBooks Integrator, you can:

  • Write one check per payee
  • View transaction count and totals before posting to QuickBooks
  • Automatically select the QuickBooks credit and debit accounts for known value codes
  • Add the Case number, party name, and value reference to the check memo in QuickBooks

Adding new ways to update documents

Templates are essential for efficiency and automated workflows. We’ve added new options that allow you to create more powerful templates and leverage text and images from other master documents.

With InsertPic and InsertDoc tags you now can:

  • Automatically insert entire paragraphs into new documents using text from other documents
  • Generate new documents with logo images, profile pictures, or any other graphic
  • Update text or images in a single master document and use the merge tags to have the changes reflected on all templates

Password reset

We’ve made it easier for users to self-service forgotten passwords without an administrator. Now users can self-service their Password Reset directly from the login screen, without needing to request from an administrator.

Additional enhancements


  • Edit document metadata from the grid using the side panel
  • Added email and DocuSign actions to the Document detail screen.
  • Set the Document type, category, and tags for all documents at once from the upload document screen
  • Added ability to filter documents folder view by document content, Type, Category, Date Created, and Tags


Calendar – Organizer

To reduce confusion, we have updated the Needles Neos calendar to explicitly display a separate organizer field which shows the calendar that owns the event to be consistent with Outlook rules. The organizer cannot be changed without canceling the event first. The organizer can still be the staff or the calendar that was used to create the event.

Calendar view

We’re changing the way staff calendars are viewed when returning to the Calendar when working with multiple staff calendars. Now the calendar will remember your staff calendar view selections so that the next time you open the Needles Calendar, all your staff calendars will be loaded automatically.

Calendar – Needles Neos only

We’re adjusting the way the Needles Neos calendar handles events that are not in Outlook after migration. You will now have the option to send these events to Office 365 Calendar and keep both calendars in sync.


You can now export reports from the list view. Click on the three-dot icon to see the available export options for each report, then the reports will download and open in the browser.
Please note: Pop-ups need to be allowed for Needles Neos to automatically display the report.

Improvements and fixes

We are always revising and enhancing to bring you rock-solid performance and stability, and an improved user experience.


  • Calendar now immediately refreshes after making changes to an event
  • Creating calendar events on other staff’s members’ calendar now properly handles scenarios when there is no Outlook calendar associated to the staff calendar
  • Removed hard character limit from calendar note field
  • Match reintroduced under Search for ‘All’

View complete changelog

Review previous list of changes in our changelog.

For detailed instructions on using these enhancements, click the Help icon in Needles Neos to access the Self-Serve Portal and Knowledge Base.