What's New:

Needles Neos

July 2021

Neos’ enhanced intake solution is now available to all Neos users. These upgrades will significantly improve your intake experience and help your law firm manage the entire client lifecycle from the first contact to case resolution with greater speed and efficiency.

Smarter Intake sheets with faster data entry capabilities

New Intake Layout Manager

The new Intake layout manager lets you customize your intakes in minutes by dragging and dropping entire sections into an Intake form. This takes the guesswork out of knowing where individual fields should go for your intake staff — and serves as a real time-saver for firm administrators configuring new layouts for each case type.


Users now have the ability to add custom titles, custom text/paragraphs, and custom sections. Add text to inform staff members of specific instructions or reminders as part of the form in any location.

When you set up a case type, your fields automatically become available in your intake form. Data transfers seamlessly from an intake to a case.

Faster Data Entry features

The consolidated user interface lets you see much more key information at once, and the optimized Intake form makes it easy to quickly and efficiently enter data and tab from field to field. This allows your team to gather all the critical information from the client without missing a beat.

Duplicate check

The new Intake form helps you avoid creating duplicate contacts in your database.  Search as you type and match a caller to an existing contact in your database. If you find a match, a single click fills in all the remaining fields for you.

Making a case

Instantly transfer your intake to a case with the click of a button. The new customizable intake forms allow you to use the same fields as the case type, giving you the ability to automatically transfer all intake data, documents, and notes when the case is created.

Neos’ Productivity tools are now part of Intake


The Checklist is now accessible from within your Intake screen and includes all of the functionality you are familiar with, such as task descriptions, staff assignments, due dates, and document generation. As always, the Checklist is fully customizable to fit your firm’s specific intake needs.


New Documents Tab

All documents related to an intake are in one easy-to-access place. No need to wait until an intake is made into a case to access automated document generation functionality! Generate intake-specific documents directly from the Intake Checklist or Intake Documents tabs. Sharing documents is a breeze with built-in email functionality.


Direct access to Notes from the Intake screen makes it easy to manage internal communications and track all activity within an intake. Keep staff members in the loop by tagging them with @ mentions inserted directly in notes. Simply enter @ and select the staff from the dropdown to notify them about specific notes. They’ll receive an automated email alert. Easily send copies of Notes directly from your Intake through email.

Reporting for Intakes

Track the progress of your intakes with new status categories and build reports on critical Intake metrics with Advanced Search access to Intake fields. Advanced Search allows you to search your Intakes based on a large variety of parameters and even multiple parameters in a single request. Save any queries that you’ve built and plan to use again and share saved searches with others.


For detailed instructions on using these enhancements, click the Help icon in Needles Neos to access the self-service portal and knowledge base.