What's New:

Needles Neos

June 2021

We have released some time-saving upgrades to increase your productivity. From financial recording to document management, Neos helps you win more cases with less work.

Expense recording shortcut

Process case expenses faster with this new shortcut to add value entries from any user defined tab in Neos, such as the Records Request tab. This new feature opens a new value screen and auto populates the provider saving you clicks and time.


Email Notes from Notes List

You can now use kebab menu (3-dot icon) to select a note from the Notes list and email to a case contact or type in any email address, even if the contact does not exist in Neos. There is no need to go to the specific Note detail screen anymore.


QuickBooks Integrator

Run a more seamless financial operation with the ability to delete check requests and value transactions from the QuickBooks Integrator. You can now select all transactions at once and override credit/debit accounts for all transactions before posting to QuickBooks. Your accountant will thank you for this one.


New Permissions for ‘Due to Firm’ (DTF) Management

With this new permissions setting available under all staff profiles, firm administrators can disable the DTF switch so that other users can’t turn off DTF creation by accident. With Neos you can avoid usual mistakes and never miss an expense again.


Improved Document Management

  • Document Generation. The button to generate documents was moved to the top of the screen for better accessibility. This button was also renamed from Save to Generate for clarity.
  • Document Category and Type. Document type was repositioned above document category in both the document detail and the document side panel to improve the user experience.
  • Document Icons. We’ve enhanced colors for document icons under the Documents tab. Under the all documents tab, you’ll see icons now in full color and you’ll be able to find the files easier.
  • Combined email options for documents. Now you can type any email address, even if is not a contact, when sharing documents through Neos. The options to email as a link, pdf, and copy were merged into a single option for an email to optimize the user experience.


For detailed instructions on using these enhancements, click the Help icon in Needles Neos to access the Self-Serve Portal and Knowledge Base.