The Power of Mass Email Marketing for Law Firms

Mass email marketing gives your law firm the ability to deepen your relationship with existing clients, broaden your referral base, and generate new business. Email lists to send informative newsletters, holiday mailings, as well as bulletins promoting new hires and boasting about your firm’s accomplishments can be easily generated using your legal case management program.  Following are a few best practice items you should keep in mind when developing your mass email marketing strategy:

  • Always have a specific goal in mind when you create a mass mailing campaign. If your goals are to attract new clients, broaden your referral base, and keep your current clients informed, you should consider creating separate email campaigns for each of these goals.
  • Consider your previous clients as potential new business. Regardless of how old the data is, it’s always good idea to mine client contact information. Former clients should be included in mass emails so they will know you’re still a vital and thriving firm. Some law firms even offer discounted fees for returning clients.
  • Measure the results of your email marketing. Keep records on new business generated by your email blasts. If the emails are not producing leads, engagement, or billable hours, you will need to either tweak or discard them. Many email marketing software programs provide critical information such as the percentage of recipients who actually open your emails (open rate) and the numbers of those who clicked on links contained in your emails (click rate).
  • Offer value in your emails. If you do not provide information your recipients can use, your email is doomed to land in the trash. You can make your emails more valuable if they provide answers to common legal problems, offer insights into complex issues, or include compelling descriptions of your areas of legal expertise.
  • Be concise and focused. We have short attention spans. Long, meandering emails are begging for the delete button. Keep your emails brief and sharply focused!

The Needles Guide to Mass Mailing Personalized Holiday Emails

The holidays provide bountiful opportunities to communicate with your clients, generate new business and let your vendors know how much you appreciate their efforts on your behalf. To make mass holiday mailings simple, Needles has put together instructions to help you create personalized holiday mailings for your firm. The instructions walk you through the steps to create your merge document, set up your document within Needles, and generate the reports you will use to create your holiday mailing list, whether that will be via postal mail or email.

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