Pricing FAQs

You may find the following Frequently Asked Questions helpful as you review the pricing agreement. As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions. We are here to help you have a successful implementation and a long, satisfying relationship with Needles!

How is the Needles System Sold?

Needles case management software is sold on a concurrent licensing basis. Concurrent licensing allows a group to share a fixed number of licenses. Needles can be installed on any number of computer stations provided that the actual usage of Needles does not exceed the number of licenses owned. The purchase of Needles licenses is a one-time charge. There is no penalty for adding licenses as your firm grows and your staff needs change. Each Needles system includes one database.

How Does Training Work?

The implementation of your Needles program and your relationship with your Certified Needles Consultant and Trainer begins immediately upon becoming a client. Your firm will receive a welcome letter and a call from our Needles Implementation Specialist. We will match your firm with an appropriate Certified Needles Consultant and Trainer. This trainer will become instrumental in the implementation of the program at your office. Your initial training will cover the topics included in the Basic Training Agenda. The Data Entry Training is the only session where every staff person should participate; the remainder of the agenda will involve a key group. Trainers work during your firm’s regular business hours Monday through Friday.

Ongoing training and a continued relationship with your Needles trainer is the key to successful use of the program and increased efficiency and profitability for your office. We encourage our Needles client firms to expand their use of the program beyond the basics. We offer new employee training, advanced training, document coding training, user-defined report writing training and much more. In addition, the Needles program offers a comprehensive user manual and an array of seminars and other educational opportunities. Training is available at your office, at our office, or online.

Please visit click here to view our training policies.

What Do Trainer’s Expenses Include?

Expenses will include (when applicable) car rental, transportation, hotel, parking, meals, tips and fares. We use the US GSA Per Diem Rates as a standard. If travel to your location requires airfare, the trainer will discuss the cost and their arrival and departure options with you prior to finalizing their travel plans. In most cases, it is practical to have the firm make hotel arrangements, as you know the proximity to the office. The trainer’s travel expenses are the responsibility of the firm. Online training does not incur any trainer expenses.

What Should I Do Prior to My Training?

Your firm is responsible for installing and testing Needles and SAP Sybase on the network before training begins. Your assigned trainer will review your implementation schedule and advise you of tasks that need to be completed prior to training.

What is SAP Sybase and Why Do I Need It?

Needles is a client/server application that runs alongside the SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere Database Engine. SAP Sybase is an inexpensive and simple, yet powerful, relational database management system (RDBMS). It delivers high-speed performance without the need for an onsite database administrator. For your convenience, we have provided a line item for the price of SAP Sybase on our Price Quote (page 2). SAP Sybase is required for Needles to function.

What Does My Support Cost Cover?

Needles Support allows your firm free Needles software upgrades, patches and new releases. It also gives your firm (and your firm’s IT consultants) access to the Needles Technical Support Team, access to the Clients Only section of the Needles website, access to Needles Client UserGroup Meetings, access to the Needles Client Wishlist Request and the ability to schedule additional training with Certified Needles Training Consultant. The cost of the first year of support is included with the Price Quote (page 2). After the first year, Needles Support will be billed quarterly. Your support cost does not cover the cost of SAP Sybase upgrades.

What is a Data Conversion?

A data conversion is the process of moving as much of your firm’s current case management data as possible into the Needles Case Management Database. A properly planned conversion allows your firm to take advantage of all the features and benefits of Needles while still maintaining information you currently use and need. Needles Case Management Software employs a team of dedicated Conversion Specialists who make it their job to ensure that data from other programs moves into Needles as seamlessly as possible. There are several conversion options, ranging from a simple names drop to a very individualized mapping of data between the two programs. Each conversion option is subject to a review of your firm’s data before work begins, and the price of a data conversion will vary based on the complexity of the firm’s current data and the type of conversion chosen.