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Podcast: The Future of Legal Technology Depends on Lawyers’ Mindset

“The real possibility for change in the future sits more with the mindset,” says Randi Mayes, the executive director of the International Legal Technology Association. “It’s all about the law firm adopting its client’s worldview and innovating service delivery with those views in mind.”

Mayes’ observation was reported by ABA Journal writer Stephanie Frances Ward in her December 14, 2016 blog post: “Legal tech’s future is in lawyers’ mindset, Randi Mayes says.”

In a podcast interview with Stephanie Francis Ward, Ms. Mayes describes the introduction of word processing and the implementation of time tracking as game changers in legal technology. She says that technology is so embedded in everything attorneys do, that it’s difficult to call it technology.  According to Ms. Mayes, technology is essential to the efficient management of law firms, especially in the areas of risk management, document retention and practice development.

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