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Thousands of successful practices run on Needles – and have for decades. Now, we’re matching a generation of experience with next-gen cloud technology. Needles Neos is a powerful, work-from-anywhere platform built to optimize tasks and communications, generate caseload insights, and boost firm profitability like never before.

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Needles helps your firm operate at its best, allowing you to take on more of the right cases and improve your bottom line.

While Needles document management keeps you organized, custom dashboards and automated reports offer a 360-degree view of your firm’s caseload on demand.

Needles answers to the unique demands of your firm. Start with templates distilled from the best practices of thousands of firms across a diverse range of case types. Configure them precisely to your law firm’s workflow.

Partnering with us means access to a dedicated customer support team, ensuring that you don’t just get a reply, you get an answer.

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More and more of the most successful firms are moving to the cloud, leaving behind costly and restrictive IT infrastructure.

With Needles Neos, your team can support clients at peak efficiency. Every case, every file, every document, and total caseload visibility — it’s as close as your favorite device.

Moving to a cloud platform is easiest with Needles Neos. Our data conversion experts know how to make your firm’s transition smooth and stress-free.

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Assembly Legal was born to chart a new trajectory forward in legal case management technology. Through our products, Needles and Trialworks, we’re guiding development of the next generation of legal software solutions.

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