Exciting Product Updates Ahead!

Needles Web-based Solution Headed to Beta Sign up for a DEMO today! Since 2017, we have been working intensely on a new, cutting-edge version of our software. This new version of Needles is entirely web and browser-based. It includes all of the features and functionality that you expect in Needles, plus many more significant enhancements

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A Commitment to Customer Success Through Leadership

Customer service lies at the heart of everything we do. As part of our continued commitment to enhancing the customer experience, we are pleased to profile two key leaders at Assembly Software who are focused on serving our Needles customers through People, Technology, and Quality of Service. Let’s introduce them,

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Trainer’s Tips: 3 Most Recent Needles FAQs

Our support and training teams are interacting with Needles customers each day and are intimately familiar with the most commonly asked questions. With this in mind, we polled the group and identified three of the most frequently requested items over the past several weeks. Check out the information below, and

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6 Benefits of Legal Case Management Software

Many law firms operate without using legal case management software, especially small and single proprietorships. This reluctance largely stems from a flawed belief that the cost of legal case management programs is prohibitive, along with a fear of using new technologies. As long as the old systems work, why fix

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Hurricane Florence & Disaster Preparedness

Hurricane Florence is currently bearing down on the East Coast. On its projected track, it is posing a severe threat to the Carolinas and Virginia, with possible effects and flooding in Tennessee, Georgia, West Virginia, Ohio, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. As a business in an area predicted to be affected, you

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Making Legal Practice Email Organization Simple

One of the biggest challenges law firms face every day is how to keep track of the hundreds of emails their offices receive. Without a streamlined process in place to categorize, file and track these emails, valuable data can get lost in the shuffle. And many law firms wind up

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Common Tech Errors that Can Compromise Your Legal Practice

Law firms are a major target for hackers who treasure the wealth of confidential data available on poorly protected platforms. In response, the most prudent law firm protects its data with the most sophisticated security software managed by a crack team of IT specialists. However, the best security shields in

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We’re all thankful it’s Friday, but here at Needles, we are extra thankful today. We recently sent a survey to our Needles users, enlisting their candid feedback on our product. We received nearly 300 completed surveys! We are grateful for all the thoughtful feedback we received which will help us

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How to Preserve Privacy when Using Facebook

Recent revelations that Cambridge Analytica, a political consulting firm, obtained data from some 50 million Facebook users have heightened concerns about how businesses, including law firms, can preserve privacy when using Facebook. Following are some tips to help you protect private data while using the social media platform: Restrict access

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