Hosting Customers – Cybersecurity Incident

A few weeks ago, a very small percentage of customers whose IT infrastructure we host, were unable to access their hosted environment due to a ransomware incident. This primarily impacted TrialWorks hosted customers and less than 1% of Needles customers. The attack did not affect our software in any way. We worked around the clock to restore normal operations for hosted customers as quickly as possible, and nearly all had access restored within a week.

Upon learning of this incident, we promptly commenced an internal investigation and retained independent cybersecurity experts to help us respond. We have taken several steps, including bringing in additional internal and external expertise that will help continue to improve the performance and security of our hosted environment. We are committed to continuing this process, conducting a comprehensive forensic analysis and ensuring our systems are fully fortified in the future, as these incidents have become all too common in today’s world.

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