Our team has the combined experience to get your firm up and running in the most efficient manner. The first step of implementation will be to address your existing data. We offer numerous data conversion services that will allow you to begin using Needles with information you have already amassed. The goal of your implementation and training is to ensure that your system is properly set up, the correct procedures are put in place, and your firm has a strong working knowledge of the Needles program.

Data Conversion

A data conversion is the process of moving as much of your firm’s current case management data as possible into the Needles Case Management Database. A properly planned conversion allows your firm to take advantage of all the features and benefits of Needles while still maintaining information you currently use and need. Needles Case Management Software employs a team of dedicated Conversion Specialists who make it their job to ensure that data from other programs moves into Needles as seamlessly as possible.

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Implementation and Training

The implementation of your Needles program and your relationship with your Certified Needles Consultant and Trainer begins immediately upon becoming a client. Your firm will receive a call from our Implementation Specialist who will match your firm to an appropriate Certified Needles Consultant and Trainer. This trainer will become instrumental in the implementation of the program at your office.

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System Requirements

Needles Case Management Software specifications are provided here to help you to determine the minimum specifications needed to run the Needles Case Management program on your existing hardware. This does not take into account other applications that you may wish to run on your hardware at the same time.

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