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Over the course of the next several editions of Needles NOW, we’ll highlight the most exciting features and integrations in our new web-based case management platform. As the first installment in this series of articles, we’ll share our advanced Document Management capability that comes fully integrated within our web-based solution.

In addition to web-based access, as part of the monthly SaaS subscription, for the first time ever, Needles includes comprehensive Document Management. Let’s look inside and explore our new, more powerful feature.

With Document Management, you will no longer need to set-up internal infrastructure to effectively store and categorize your most important files within the Needles application. Our solution leverages a full integration with Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint, allowing you to retrieve documents, depositions, media and more, anytime, anywhere from any device (Mobile, Tablet or Desktop), all within the application. This easy-to-use feature makes organization a breeze with the ability to drag and drop documents directly into our case management software.

Benefits include:

  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) – Access documents from any device or operating system whenever you need them.  The only requirement is a modern web browser;
  • Auto-save feature – Documents will automatically be saved and stored securely in the Microsoft Azure cloud;
  • Editing by multiple users simultaneously – Multiple users can edit the same Microsoft Word or Excel file at once, tracking and saving changes with versioning;
  • Full-text OCR search – Enjoy robust search capability and find the right information easily (coming in Q2 2020);
  • Classify documents by category – Access advanced filtering and the ability to categorize documents by groups within files such as ‘medical’;
  • Document sharing – No longer worry about emailing large files, provide access through One Drive, SharePoint;
  • Update or edit case documents – Edit directly in the Microsoft suite without ever having to download the application on your hard drive using the Office 365 integration;
  • Document previews – Includes quick view pane for easy viewing as you scroll through your library of documents.

In the next issue of Needles NOW lookout for a quick preview of our powerful, new Full Featured Web Intake. If you would like to learn more, sign up for a webinar of our web-based case management solution, December 5th at 11 am ET.

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