Making Legal Practice Email Organization Simple

One of the biggest challenges law firms face every day is how to keep track of the hundreds of emails their offices receive. Without a streamlined process in place to categorize, file and track these emails, valuable data can get lost in the shuffle. And many law firms wind up creating one inefficient email organizational system after another, never finding the most practical solution. This futile process consumes valuable time and resources.

The Power of the Bidirectional Interface with Microsoft Outlook

Needles case management software takes the hassle out of email organization with its powerful bi-directional interface with Microsoft Outlook. This bidirectional interface creates a seamless flow of information between your Outlook and Needles for your emails, calendars, and daily tasks. Imagine being able to send an email and post it to the client’s case file with one click. You can do this with both incoming and outgoing email. In addition, if you wish, any attachment will post directly to the document folder of the client’s case file.

Use Either the Needles or Outlook Calendar

Needles also gives you the option to use either the Needles calendar or the Outlook calendar to keep track of your daily appointments. If you choose the Needles calendar, you’ll have the advantage of being able to run case-specific calendar reports. Using the Outlook calendar allows for calendar integration with Microsoft Outlook on all mobile devices. One of the most attractive features of Needles bidirectional interface is the fact that Microsoft is universal and syncs with most every smartphone, which means that your Needles calendar, contacts and tasks via Outlook are also available on all your mobile devices. You can work from virtually any location without skipping a beat!

Quick Tips for Effective Email Management

Using your Needles bidirectional interface, organizing your email will be easier than ever.  The following quick tips for email management will make life even easier:

  • Send less email! – It’s a simple axiom that the less email you send, the less you will receive. A good way to reduce excessive email is to carefully consider who you copy emails to; eliminate unnecessary recipients.
  • Control the flow of newsletters, RSS feeds and promotional email you receive. Although much of this material may be interesting and ultimately beneficial, you can reduce the flow by programming your Outlook to automatically assign incoming a messages to specific folders.
  • Take care of quick-response email ASAP. Procrastination never serves a useful purpose. If you have email messages you can respond to quickly, do so.

Needles Case Management Software will provide you with the tools necessary to manage matters efficiently and increase productivity, all without adding additional staff members. Visit our blog frequently to stay up-to-date with the latest tech tips for law firms, and request a free trial of Needles to see how we can transform the way your law firm does business.

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