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Welcome to Needles! When you purchase Needles, you are actually buying licenses. Unlike Software as a Service (SaaS) programs, you own the software and the licenses. There are no reoccurring license fees or monthly rental costs. If you continue on our support/maintenance plan, all future upgrades of the case management software are included, and your Needles licenses will never be out of date. Buy the number of licenses you need now and add later as your firm grows. There are no penalties for adding licenses later. Our pricing is upfront, straightforward, and doesn’t come with haggling.


Pricing Questions?

If you have any questions about how or why our software is priced as it is, visit our Pricing FAQs to get your questions answered.
Pricing FAQs

Software License
Terms of Service

* What are concurrent users?
Concurrent licensing allows a group to share a fixed number of licenses. Needles can be installed on any number of computer stations provided that the actual usage of Needles does not exceed the number of licenses owned. For example, you may purchase 10 Needles licenses. You may have 15 employees in your firm, but you’ve determined that at any given time, only 10 of them will be using the software at the same time.
** Trainer expenses for travel, lodging, meals, etc. are additional.
*** Companies based in Maryland are subject to sales tax.

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