Simplifying Legal Cost Tracking

Keeping on top of legal case costs can be a headache for your bookkeeping team, especially if your law firm does not have an adequate case management software program. The most advanced legal case management software programs have built-in systems that allow you to track all of the costs and expenses associated with a case. Needles — one of the legal industry’s most sophisticated case management software programs – includes several innovative and customizable features which allow attorneys and staff members to effortlessly keep track of all time and costs. Following are descriptions of the most powerful Needles cost tracking features:

  • Needles’ Value Tab has been designated to track all your firm’s costs and expenses for each case. These costs may include attorney’s fees, reductions, time, liens, marketing expenses etc. The program allows you to create customized codes which conveniently enable you to track all the expenses associate within the case. Using this information, it’s a simple task to run detailed reports or settlement memoranda summarizing the costs within each case.
  • Needles works seamlessly to interface with several time tracking programs including QuickBooks, TimeSlips, the built-in Needles Time Tab, or the Value Tab. Once the data from these programs are stored, you have the option to generate customized bills for each case. The Needles Time Track Tab offers a simple solution for recording exactly how much time is spent on any one case. You can also associate each block of time with any of the ABA-approved billing codes.
  • The Needles Value Screen gives you a convenient way to keep all your financial records in one place. This makes it simple for you to print reports, track time and keep a subtotal of your costs for any specific case, regardless of whether the case is based on contingency, hourly or flat-rate fees.

For more information about Needles’ time tracking capabilities as well as its many other customizable features, check out the free Needles demo.

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