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Needles On-Premise

Needles’ world-class case management software is installed and runs on computers in your office, alongside your other essential software such as the Microsoft Office Suite, and your accounting software.

Needles Hosted Services

Access all of your software products via Remote Desktop – (Needles, Word, Excel, Outlook, QuickBooks, Adobe, etc.) – as long as you have an internet connection and a basic computer (PC or Mac) or tablet access all their software products via Remote Desktop – Needles, Word, Excel, Outlook, QuickBooks, Adobe, etc. Includes Dual Factor Authentication for added security.

Key Features of the Needles Hosted Platform


Each office gets their own Remote Desktop virtual server managed, supported, and maintained by Needles Hosted Services.


Most IT needs are covered by Needles Hosted Services, so there is no longer a need for expensive IT retainers or hourly fees.


Mailboxes for each user are included with up to 50GB per mailbox utilizing Microsoft Office 365.


Needles hosting entitles you to the latest editions of Microsoft Windows Server and Microsoft Office.


Needles Hosted Services is managed by our top engineers.


Powerful anti-virus protection is provided through Sophos, and our data center is fully HIPAA Compliant.


99.9% uptime guarantee!


Needles will continue to innovate based on the latest technologies.

Hosting FAQs

The basic requirement is a computer with a stable internet connection. We recommend a minimum download and upload connection speed of 2 mbps per user at the firm.  If you have 25 staff at your location, then a connection of 50 mbps (or better) up and down is ideal.  You can test your connection at  The local computers can be simple thin clients, modern work stations, laptops, or even tablets. Our Needles Hosted services can work from a Windows, MAC or Linux machine. The only requirement is Remote Desktop (or similar application).

If you have systems in place to run your network on-site, with a good internet connection, that equipment should be more than sufficiently powerful to access our cloud. The Hosted option is meant to be a predictable, cost effective and robust replacement to maintaining your own on-site infrastructure.

Your data will be primarily stored on a server in our Miami Data Center.  The facility is enterprise-level, with multiple layers of security as well as internet and power redundancy.  Each office/user will have their own virtual Windows environment managed by the Needles Hosting team. Our package entitles you to the latest editions of Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft Office 365, email support, antivirus, and generous storage for all your digital needs. All hosting environment support and maintenance is included.

Our Data center is fully HIPAA compliant; and you can read more about it here.

Needles Premium Hosting is managed by our top engineers.

Included in the package in Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office 365 (Outlook, Word, Excel & PowerPoint), and anti-virus software.  Your Needles system is a separate purchase.  We are usually able to load most software your firm owns contingent on the following: 

  • You can provide the software or a download link with any subscription/activation keys
  • We can confirm the software performs as expected on our current Windows OS platform
  • We can confirm the software performs as expected in conjunction with our Terminal Services

The connection to the servers at our data center is encrypted and protected by a firewall.  The remote server itself has anti-virus installed and all your data in our hosting environment is backup up regularly.  As an added precaution, we also backup our entire data center to the Microsoft Azure cloud.

If you would like a physical copy of your data for any reason, just send us a hard drive to load it on, and we will happily send it back with a copy of all your information.

We may have a need for email addresses that do not need a full RDP workstation.

We can do email only accounts that do not have hosted access to the remote servers.  Those users will need to use email locally.

Currently, we do not cap data storage size for case related data. For non-case data each firm is allocated 100GB per user.

Usually but it is dependent on the product being capable of running in a Windows environment on our facility.  Please refer to the response for ‘What programs do you run and how is the data protected’.

It’s simple to run a Speed test for your connection. Go to: (click green GO).  You will receive an UP, DOWN and PING. We are looking for the UP to be at a minimum of 2 mbps UP per user.

In terms of speeds – the data center has a burstable pipe for internet. Which means it expands based on need. On an average day, the internet speed at the data center tops over 400 mbps!  The speed of the connection is limited by whichever end has the slowest speed for the information to travel through.  If you are surfing at 2 mbps or faster, you should be good to go.

Should you have any further questions, our sales team can be reached at 410-363-1976 or

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