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Ryan Pakter, Managing Director

Hello, and thank you for taking a few moments to read our newsletter, NEEDLES NOW. We are excited to launch this newsletter as part of our continued commitment to open communication with our customers, and because we have so many exciting new things to share with you in the coming months.

Needles is by far the largest provider of case management software in the industry, which means we have an incredible customer base of over 33,000 users, across thousands of the best firms in North America. This user base is a tremendous asset that has given us the ideas and the opportunity to build the most productive software available to firms today. It is only through open communication with our customers that we can continue to be the leader in this field. As you will see later in this newsletter, we are continuing to harness the power of our user base by soliciting significant feedback on our exciting, new Cloud product prior to its fourth quarter beta release.

You will also learn more in this newsletter about a couple of customer-focused leadership changes we have recently made. These changes are already having a direct, positive impact on the customer experience, which we certainly take pride in. We are excited to forge stronger relationships with you through more direct, two-way communications and we welcome feedback through any of your contact points at Needles. We are confident we have the right people in place to support your firm’s ongoing needs, best-in-class technology to support your firm’s growth, and an unwavering commitment to providing the highest standard of quality throughout every experience you have with us.

Finally, I want to touch on Needles’ partnership with TrialWorks Case Management, under the Assembly Software umbrella, since that is something on which I often get questions from customers. While Needles’ and TrialWorks’ products will continue to be supported and developed as distinct and independent solutions, the combined resources of both brands gives us unbeatable industry knowledge, customer insight, and financial resources that we can use for quicker and more significant product development, more responsive customer support, and more efficient and effective customer training. We also now have greater management strength and depth on a team that is focused on using our unique, combined experience to bring the most innovative solutions to your firm. Stay tuned as we provide more details regarding our product roadmap.

As we embark with a renewed focus, we thank you for your continued support and interaction.

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